‘Professionals’ Awareness of Young Carers in Schools: Results from a French Survey’

Author(s): Untas, Aurelie; Vioulac, Christel; Justin, Pauline; Leu, Agnes; Dorard, Geraldine
Publisher: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Year Published: 2022
Resource type: Peer Reviewed Research Article


This article explores school professionals’ awareness of young carers and compares
professionals’ responses by their occupation. Participants who were working with children and youth aged six to 18 in French schools were recruited to complete an online survey, of which 2658 completed the survey. The survey included questions relating to participants’ characteristics, knowledge, and experience of young carers; perceived activities and consequences of being a young carer; professionals’ needs related to young carers at school; and personal information about the caring role of the participants. Findings suggested: professionals’ viewed domestic chores, emotional support and sibling care as more frequent than directly caring for the care-recipient; professionals saw identification and referrals as relevant, but were less supportive of suggestions for improving identification of young carers in schools; professionals’ indicated that there was a need for training related to identifying young carers and developing knowledge of their challenges and; school counsellors and social and health professionals were more aware of young carers compared to administrators and teachers. This study demonstrated that specific training for identification and awareness of young carers is needed among the different occupations of school professionals.

Citation: Untas, A., Vioulac, C., Justin, P., Leu, A., & Dorard, G. (2022). Professionals’ awareness of young carers in schools: results from a French survey. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(21), 1-19. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph192114172

Keywords: Awareness; caring; identification; occupation; professionals; school; support; young carers

Where the data was collected: France