Empowering Young Caregivers

At the Young Caregivers Association™, our vision is to see a Canada where Young Caregivers and their families are recognized, supported, and empowered to achieve their full potential

Young Caregivers Association™ was established in 2003. We’re the first organization in Canada dedicated to supporting young caregivers and their families, who live in rural and urban communities while building awareness across Canada. Through Powerhouse™, our award-winning and internationally recognized program, we have supported hundreds of children and youth. We have participated in several research studies. As an expert organization, we are committed to leading the way for improved recognition and support of these hidden family caregivers. 

Supporting young caregivers

Are you an educator, health care worker or in community services? Learn how you can help identify and support Young Caregivers.

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Our Stories

Young Caregivers play an important role in their families every day, and we’ve got the stories to prove it. “Voices” is a powerful collection of stories and pictures created by young carers who want to share their personal stories in order to build more awareness. Read some examples from this collection.

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Powered by you

Donate now to power our mission and support Young Caregivers. Your donation can help send more kids to camp for respite, provide more opportunities for skill development, and expand resources to more caregiving kids and their families.

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Powerhouse™ in Action

Building confidence, meeting others who understand, and learning skills are examples of the impact our Powerhouse™ programming has on caregiving kids and their families. A variety of programs and services are provided throughout the year. 

 We go through hard times, but with Young Caregivers Association™, we are able to bounce back and be kids.

-Young Caregiver, Age 12

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I wish medical professionals would listen to me and know that when I talk about my father, I know what I am talking about. I see it every day. I’m the one caring for him every day.
– Young Caregiver, Age 14


Interested in learning more about Young Caregiver research? Wondering if we are the right fit for your family? In need of resources to help you support Young Caregivers at home or in your work?

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