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Powerhouse™ is an evidence informed program developed to teach YOUNG CAREGIVERS life and personal development skills, provide opportunity to connect with other caregiving kids, bring caregiving families together, and reinforce self-care. Powerhouse™ programs are delivered throughout the Haldimand, Norfolk and Niagara Regions and are geared towards ages 5 to 25 and have supported hundreds of YOUNG CAREGIVERS over the years. All of our Powerhouse™ services aim to build the resilience of YOUNG CAREGIVERS and their families.

Examples of Powerhouse™ Programs:

  • summer camp
  • weekly respite
  • life skills
  • counselling (group and individual)
  • teen programs
  • young adult programs

Because of powerhouse™

  • My Life Looks Brighter 95% 95%
  • I Know I Matter 92% 92%
  • I am Less Lonely 87% 87%
  • I am Less Anxious 87% 87%
  • I am happier 96% 96%
  • I feel I am learning useful things 96% 96%
  • I am less stressed 88% 88%
  • I can cope better when I am upset 100% 100%
  • I Feel Good about myself 93% 93%
  • I Feel closer to my family 94% 94%
  • I feel that I am helping out at home 90% 90%
  • I feel I am doing something Good at home 90% 90%
Powerhouse In Schools Young Caregivers Association

Powerhouse™ in Schools

Since 2014 we have been delivering our Powerhouse™ in Schools Program in partnership with school boards in Niagara and Haldimand Norfolk Regions.

A YOUNG CAREGIVER’S development, including personal, physical, emotional and social, can all be affected by their family’s situation and by their caregiving role. In one study, young carers disclosed that they kept their caregiving role a secret and that their friends did not understand their situations. Many feared rejection and being different from their peers. Given thatYOUNG CAREGIVERS tend to spend the majority of their time either at school or at home, the value of establishing awareness and programming within schools is a logical step to accessing this hidden population. In line with research revealing that YOUNG CAREGIVERS are reluctant to take breaks or socialize because they feel they should stay home and help around the house, we are aware that after-school and evening programming means additional time away from the household, which at times is stressful for our YOUNG CAREGIVERS. Taking programming to the schools is viewed as a win-win for all involved; the YOUNG CAREGIVERS receive service without the issues of transportation barriers and time constraints.

Schools play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and youth and are ideally positioned to help identify and support YOUNG CAREGIVERS. Having Powerhouse™ programming delivered in schools helps to reduce feelings of isolation while strengthening caregiving students’ capacity to cope with their life circumstances.

Students who have participated in the Powerhouse™ in Schools Program reported that they:

Felt Less Lonely

Felt More Confident in Their Caregiving Role

Were more aware of community supports

Practiced More Self-care Activities

Made More Healthy Choices

Had A More Positive Outlook About Future Goals

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