My name is Tony, and I am a young caregiver.

I care for my mom who deals with mental health challenges. I mainly provide emotional support to help her get through tough times. I also help look after my baby brother to give her a break.

It makes me feel so sad to see my mum struggling with her mental health. I try to be there for her with hugs and emotional support. I tell her to remember the good days and all the fun we have together when she’s not upset. It feels really good when I can see that it makes her feel better.

When I’m not with her I worry about her. Sometimes I get so scared that I just start to cry. I get so scared that she will get hurt.

Powerhouse helps me get out of the house and helps me deal with the anxiety that is building up in my body. For example, they’ve taught me breathing exercises to help with stress build-up in my body. It’s so nice to go there because I know that there are people around me who support me. I don’t know what I would have done without Powerhouse. I would have been depressed for sure.

I really want the world to know about young caregivers and the Young Caregivers Association. It would make other people understand our situation and what would help us when we’re upset or stressed. It could also help connect other young caregivers with Powerhouse and show them ways to feel better about their situation.

“Young Caregivers Association is a safe haven, and the staff helps with both physical and emotional issues.”

– Tony, 11 Years Old, Caring for his mom