‘The Young Carers’ Journey: A Systematic Review and Meta Ethnography.’

Author(s): Saragosa, Marianne; Frew, Melissa; Hahn- Goldberg, Shoshana; Orchanian-Cheff, Ani; Abrams, Howard; Okrainec, Karen
Publisher: Environmental Research and Public Health
Year Published: 2022
Resource type: Peer Reviewed Research Article


This article explores young carers’ experiences and how young carers interact with the health care system in their care roles. The study compared and synthesized 28 qualitative studies as they related to the study aim. Findings demonstrated: young carers moved through accepting the role of young carer, desiring support, and adjusting to a new reality when encountering young caring; the experience of young caring includes performing daily tasks, taking on a personal toll, and identifying with positive gains; and as young carers felt they had moved past their care role, they began to plan for the future and reflect on the past. The study developed a journey map from the findings to describe the experience of young caring.

Citation: Saragosa, M., Frew, M., Hahn-Goldberg, S., Orchanian-Cheff, A., Abrams, H., & Okrainec, K. (2022). The Young Carers’ Journey: A Systematic Review and Meta Ethnography. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(10), 1-25. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph19105826

Keywords: Caregiving; young carer; youth; qualitative; meta-ethnography

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