Meet Echo

Meet Echo, the sea turtle!


Here is what our young caregivers told us about their decision for our Powerhouse mascot.

Why a sea turtle?

  • Like turtles, YOUNG CAREGIVERS always carry the weight of home with them wherever they go
  • They are strong and tough on the outside, and have lots of different feelings on the inside
  • Turtles can be seen riding the waves of life and diving into the deep, which YOUNG CAREGIVERS master
  • Turtles are cool, calm, and collected – which we encourage all YOUNG CAREGIVERS to be in times of need!



Echo (they/them)


“An “echo” is a sound we make that comes back to us over and over again. Echo the sea turtle is a friend that we can give our worries and struggles to, and Echo comes back with positivity and support over and over again as well. Echo will always be there in the times when we feel most alone.”