‘Young carers and parentification- Between support and responsibility: involving the child in the functioning of the family’

Author(s): Chojnacka, Barbara; Iwański, Rafał
Publisher: Journal of Family Studies
Year Published: 2022
Resource type: Peer Reviewed Research Article


This article explores participants’ opinions about child involvement in the functioning of the family in forms such as care for siblings, emotional and instrumental support, provided to parents and taking over responsibility in the family. Participants over 18 living in Poland were recruited to complete a questionnaire, of which 2119 questionnaires were completed. Questions referred to attitudes towards involving children in the functioning of the family and children taking responsibility for the whole family. Findings suggest participants accept certain cases of involving children in care, support, or even responsibility for the family; young carers’ care tasks and the support they provide through changing roles is complex; and social awareness and more research about young carers and their changing roles is needed.


Citation: Chojnacka, B., & Iwański, R. (2022). Young Carers and Parentification–Between Support and
Responsibility: Involving the Child in the Functioning of the Family. Journal of Family
Issues, 43(11), 2910–2932. https://doi.org/10.1177/0192513X211038072

Keywords: Family processes, parent/child relations, young carers, parentification, child welfare,
family support

Where the data was collected: Poland