Caregiving can be very challenging, and often, much of a family’s time, energy, and attention are focused on the person with an illness or disability. Children adapt by taking on caregiving roles like acting as the memory for someone with a brain injury or dementia, cooking dinner when mom is feeling under the weather, or acting as a translator for a parent who can’t hear or speak English.

The tools on this page were created to help parents support and empower the young caregivers in their household.

Is my child a young caregiver?

Complete the young caregivers check list for parents

What do I do in an emergency?

Make an emergency plan for your household

How can I help a young caregiver in my household?

Review resources for young caregivers

How do I respond to loss of a loved one?

Learn how to talk to children about death and grief

How do I help my family practice self-care?

Download our “Take Care Kit” to learn about self-care activities you can do at home