‘Research and Innovation for and with Adolescent Young Carers to Influence Policy and Practice- The European Union funded “Me-We” Project’ 

Author(s): Hanson, Elizabeth; Barbabella, Francesco; Magnusson, Lennart; Brolin, Rosita; Svensson, Miriam; Yghemonos, Stecy; Hlebec, Valentina; Bolko, Irena; Boccaletti, Licia; Casu, Giulia; Hoefman, Renske; de Boer, Alice H.; de Roos, Simone; Santini, Sara; Socci, Marco; D’Amen, Barbara; Van Zoest, Frans; de Jong, Nynke; Nap, Henk Herman; de Jong, Yvonne; Bouwman, Tamara; Lewis, Feylyn; Parkhouse, Tom; Leu, Agnes; Phelps, Daniel; Guggiari, Elena; Morgan, Vicky; Centola, Francesca; Joseph, Stephen; Becker, Saul
Publisher: Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Year Published: 2022
Resource type: Peer Reviewed Research Article


This article outlines the results from the ME-WE project, which is dedicated to adolescent
young carers aged 15 to 17 years. This project involved three main activities: a systemization of knowledge (survey to adolescent young carers, country case study, literature review); the co-design, implementation, and evaluation of a intervention addressing adolescent young carers’ mental health; and knowledge translation actions, awareness, advocacy, and lobbying. Findings and outcomes of the ME-WE project suggests advances in knowledge, research, and innovation,
and advances in awareness, response, and policy.

Citation: Hanson, E., Barbabella, F., Magnusson, L., Brolin, R., Svensson, M., Yghemonos, S., Hlebec, V., Bolko, I., Boccaletti, L., Casu, G., Hoefman, R., de Boer, A. H., de Roos, S., Santini, S., Socci, M., D’Amen, B., Van Zoest, F., de Jong, N., Nap, H. H., … Becker, S. (2022). Research and Innovation for and with Adolescent Young Carers to Influence Policy and Practice-The European Union Funded “ME-WE” Project. International Journal of
Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(16), 1-33. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph19169932

Keywords: Young carers; mental health; social exclusion; primary prevention

Where the data was collected: Europe