Young Caregiver Stories

Aline, Age 9, Caring for her Brother

“Young Caregivers Association® helps me a lot. It has taught me how to deal with stressful situations.”

Ava, Age 11, Caring for her Grandmother

“I felt alone before I knew that there were other Young Caregivers out there.”

Callum, Age 6, Caring for his Mother and Brother

“I don’t like it when my mom is sad. It makes me sad.”

Chrissy, Parent to Young Caregivers

“Going to Powerhouse empowered my kids and helped them become independent and caring human beings.”

Dylan, Age 10, Caring for his Mother

“I want all other young caregivers to know about Powerhouse because it will change their lives as it changed mine.”

Karaleigh, Age 11, Caring for her Mother and Brother

“Taking care of myself is important, because if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of anyone else.”

Lyndzey, Former Young Caregiver

“I would love for every single Young Caregiver to be seen and understood.”

Nina, Age 12, Caring for her Family

“It can be frustrating and overwhelming being a young caregiver.”

Pearce, Age 13, Caring for his Mother

“Sometimes we talk about being a Young Caregiver, but most of the time we try just to have fun. I really like going there.”

Rachel, Age 13, Caring for her Brother

“Powerhouse gives me a break from everything going on at home and it teaches me different strategies to deal with stress and get a break when I’m home.”

Tatianah, Age 12, Cared for her Father

“It’s really good to be around other Young Caregivers, because I know that they’ve been through something tough too.”

Tony, Age 11, Caring for his Mother

“It makes me feel amazing when I can help my mom.”

Xavier, Age 13, Caring for his Brother

“Having someone in my life with special needs has opened my eyes and appreciate people who are not “normal” and how they see the world.”